RHS Butterfly

RHS Butterfly


  • Trip moldboard design with 10 gauge brake formed skinplate.
  • Moldboard reverses 35 degrees either side of the bulldoze position.
  • Two 3-1/2” diameter bore by 16” stroke reverse cylinders.
  • Two point level lift chain arrangement or roller level lift arrangement available.
  • Oscillator bar with 1” flame cut ears on 31” centers.
  • Ram reverse or worm gear reverse options.
  • 1/2” by 8” C-1085 cutting edge.
  • Cutting edge backer angle punched on 8” and 12” centers.
  • Moldboard and curb shoes supplied standard.


  • Carbide blades and moldboard shoes.
  • Mushroom shoes or 10” steel wheel caster assemblies.

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