ACPEA Series

Municipal and Highway Snow Plow Wings and Wing Systems

ACPEA Series


  • Our ACP48 front tower is independently controlled providing 48″ of vertical wing lift. This system incorporates our 30 degree rubber timbren safety trip dee for full moldboard trip action.
  • The tower’s slider assembly runs full length of the front tower and allows for 6″ of wing float.
  • The tower bolts to the front hitch support cross tubes.
  • The modular tower attachment brackets provide simple removal to allow for service or off-season weight savings.
  • If the truck is fitted out with a Power Tilt hitch, this tower will tilt forward with the hitch for ease of truck servicing.
  • (This wing system is also available with our ACP36 fully hydraulic front tower).
  • Our low profile ACPEA patrol rear module minimizes the mounting area required behind the truck cab for installation.
  • The ACPEA rear module incorporates a hydraulic cylinder to raise and lower the rear of the wing moldboard.
  • The wing arm mounting structure is designed to be removable through a pull pin device.
  • The rear assembly incorporates a base basket to reduce the amount of space requested to mount a sander application or standard dump.
  • The ACPEA is designed with a single telescopic wing arm with a built in compression spring shock absorber. The wing arm has a cylinder mount to the side to allow the wing arm to extend outwards by 21″ to increase the cleared path as needed.
  • This design also allows for limited shelving capabilities.

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