DBS Spreader

Municipal and Highway Spreader Bodies

DBS Spreader


  • 10 gauge steel sides and front.
  • 10 gauge steel tailgate on 10’ and 10.5’ lengths.
  • 7 gauge steel tailgate on 14’ length.
  • Dirt shedding lower rub rails.
  • 88” Interior width.
  • 96” Exterior width.
  • Retractable 10 gauge steel body headboard for increased capacity when used as a dump body (10’ and 10.5’ lengths only).
  • Conventional dump body and material spreader built together as one unit.
  • Double acting underbody style hoist designed for spreader/dump use.
  • “Severe service” design for municipal use.
  • Double acting tailgate.
  • High performance and low maintenance design.
  • Removable conveyor cover for chain protection during summer use.

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