Everest Equipment wants to offer the best products in the market, building quality and trust.

Everest Equipment proposes different body models that include Hardox 400 and Hardox 450 options for stronger and long lasting flooring.  It means that your applications represent a first-class product that delivers unsurpassed wear resistance and impact strength, saving you time and money down the road. This premium wear and abrasion resistant steel is hard and tough, giving extended service life and high productivity in the most challenging environments. Hardox helps you improve vehicle performance and productivity, extend service life and create lighter vehicles.

Everest provides several standard dump body frames to municipalities and companies for heavy duty snow removal and salt spreading. Find the right one for you.



The Everest MR body sets the bar for quality and durability.

  • Floor, tailgate, headsheet and sides of 304SS.
  • Choice of longsills in 304SS or hi-tensile steel.
  • Optional floor in AR400 or AR450 steel.
  • Smooth understructure, no cross members.
  • Smooth sides with dirt shedding upper, lower rails.
  • Full bolster rear post for maximum strength.
  • Internal 12” vertical doghouse or external hoist mount available.
  • Multiple coal door and apron options available.


  • “Mono-shell” crossmemberless design.
  • 25% Lighter than conventional cross member bodies.
  • Hoist options include telescopic with doghouse, telescopic external mount (no doghouse) and underbody hoist.
  • Available in Cor-ten, AR400, AR450, or 304 stainless steel material.
  • Double pleated front reinforced headboard with optional cabguard.
  • Tailgate options include 6-panel, coal doors, or three-way.
  • Various floor thicknesses available up to 3/8”.
  • Heavy duty formed long sills, internally bulk headed for additional strength.


The Everest Side Dump Spreader is designed for municipal applications. The body is offered in 9’-15’ lengths. The SDS is a true All-Season body.

  • 24” Cab guard, Included standard.
  • 7 Guage steel, 30” high sides.
  • 7 Gauge steel, 39” high tailgate.
  • 86” Interior width – 96” Exterior width.
  • Passenger side board pocket integral with tilt floor.
  • Hoist designed for Spreader/Dump use.
  • ”Severe service” Municipal dump body.
  • Double acting tailgate with air release.
  • Corrosion resistant steel construction.
  • Optional: coal door(s), Stop screens, road chute, apron and more.


Conveyor uses 667X type pintle chain at 16” wide with 3/8” x 1-1/4” flites on 4-1/2” centers.

The conveyor is a self-cleaning drag chain powered through a reducing gearbox and hydraulic motor.


SDS bodies are available in two category. 9’-11’ bodies include 30” sides, 39” tailgate. 12’-15’ bodies include 38” sides, 50” tailgate.

Optional 304SS Body with AR400 Live Floor and wall for additional durability. Body outer walls, headsheet, tailgate utilize 3/16” and 10 gauge 304SS for maximum corrosion resistance. 304SS live floor, wall and conveyor floor available. Steel, 304SS, and AR450 Hardox models available.

1/4” AR400 live action floor moves material to the conveyor with 36° of lift with the use of two 4” bore by 20” stroke double acting hydraulic lift cylinders. The tilt floor has a polymer wiper to reduce spillage. The body has a fixed right side to increase strength of body. The body can also be used as a conventional dump body. The tailgate has heavy duty flame cut air operated locking ears and 3/8” spreader chains with slot retainers.

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