MUS Series

Municipal and Highway Spreader Bodies

MUS Series


  • Combination front discharge hopper sander and conventional dump body construction.
  • Minimizes material build up.
  • Lighter – Up to 40% lighter than conventional cross member bodies of comparable strength when combined with our telescopic hoists.
  • Tougher – “Formed components” technology provides a design that results in superior strength to weight ratio through the use of “ultra strength” AR steels.
  • 11’ and 13’ to 16’ lengths available.
  • 39” (11’ model only) and 48” and 51” high sides.
  • 45” (11’ model only) and 60” high tailgates.
  • Heavy duty hardware.
  • Front mounted telescopic hoist.
  • 1-1/2” flame cut tailgate hinge ears.
  • Radius sides allow for constant and smooth flow of material to the built-in conveyor. The radius sides eliminates external side bracing.
  • Full depth rear cormer posts.
  • Formed “U” shaped sills provide a wide and continuous floor support.
  • 9 panel bracing double acting tailgate with lever type coal door.
  • Central longitudinal conveyor using 667x pintle chain emptying through the body front. The conveyor shall be driven by a 10 cubic inch hydraulic motor coupled to a 25:1 worm gear reducer box.
  • The material is then feed to a frame mounted cross conveyor that feeds to a spinner arrangement.

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