OWSK9-TE Series

One Way Snowplows

OWSK9-TE Series

One Way Plows


  • 9’ Cleared plowing path.
  • Trip edge design with four torsion springs.
  • Adjustable moldboard attack angle.
  • Standard 1/2” by 8” wide cutting edge.
  • Heavy duty base angle punched on 8 and 12 inch centers.
  • Available with hydraulic ram or manual reverse pushframe.
  • 10 Gauge break formed moldboard skinplate.
  • Six 1/2” x 3-1/2” wide moldboard ribs.
  • Oscillating drive bar with pinning ears on 30-1/2” centers.

Everest OWSK Urban One-Way Trip Edge Snow Plow Our OWSK Urban includes a four torsion spring trip edge design, a heavy duty doubled punched base angle @ 8” and 12” centers, a 10 gauge break formed moldboard skin plate, and adjustable moldboard attack angles.


The push frame is comprised of a moldboard strut, lift chains, and a 31” spacing oscillator bar which adjusts plow articulation to road contour.


Models offered include manual reverse, hydraulic reverse, and 11’ and 12’ lengths. At a 35” angle, the OWSK Urban produces a 9’ cleared path for 11’ models and a 10’ cleared path for 12’ models.

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