Polymer Moldboard Wing Series

Municipal and Highway Snow Plow Wings and Wing Systems

Polymer Moldboard Wing Series


  • Bolt on UHMW polymer sheet moldboard design reduces weight.
  • Wing uses a 15 degree attack angle.
  • Heavy duty wing moldboard frame.
  • Wing designed to be used on medium and light duty chassis.
  • Heavy duty base angle construction.
  • Heavy duty top rail and nose plate design.
  • 3/8” thick vertical and horizontal rib plates.
  • Two 1-1/4” diameter wing nose plate mounting holes.
  • 1/2” by 8” C-1090 cutting edge on 8” centers.
    *For use with wing systems on less than 30,000 GVWR rated truck chassis.
Model Overall Length Intake Discharge Cutting Edge Length Moldboard Thickness
W132-P-15 132″ 24-1/2″ 28-1/2″ 120″ 3/8″ Polymer
W144-P-15 144″ 24-1/2″ 28-1/2″ 132″ 3/8″ Polymer

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