RMTM Series

Reversible Snowplows

RMTM Series


  • 36” high by 10 feet long with 10 gauge heavy duty curled skinplate.
  • Trip moldboard design using four 5/8” diameter wire by 3-1/2” O.D. by 22-1/2” long heavy duty adjustable tension springs.
  • 15 degree blade attack angle with heavy duty base angle.
  • Moldboard is capable of reversing 35 degrees either side of bulldoze position through two 3-1/2” diameter by 12” stroke hydraulic reversing cylinders or manually reversed with lock out pins at preset degrees.
  • Six 3/8” thick moldboard reinforcement ribs standard.
  • Heavy duty pushframe 4” x 4” x 3/8” HSS pushbar spanning the three attachment points of the moldboard.
  • Heavy duty angle oscillator bar with flame cut ears on 31” centers to allow the moldboard to follow the road contours.
  • Moldboard trip action controlled by a center mount, rubber cushioned, thrust rod which reduces stress during tripping.
  • Moldboard backer angle punched to accept 12” centers cutting edges
  • Two point level lift chain arrangement standard.


Mushroom casters or 10” steel wheel caster assemblies.

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