ACC-HCC Series

Municipal and Highway Snow Plow Wings and Wing Systems

ACC-HCC Series


  • Our ACC rear tower incorporates a hydraulic and cable system.
  • This system allows the wing to be raised into travel position and also used for shelving purposes.
  • The lift control cylinders are housed in the rear tower so to be shielded from sand and salt and to reduce corrosion.
  • The tower is constructed from 12″ channel with a 1/4″ enclosed cabinet with access doors to service the hydraulic cylinders.
  • No portion of the cylinders shall extrude past the top of the tower.
  • Vertical lift is accomplished through the use of hydraulic cylinders and cable sheaved to reach 36″ or 54″ of travel.
  • The HCC front tower features a low profile design. This tower design provides adequate wing lift without vertical extensions above the tower structure.
  • Open tower design is self-cleaning easily shedding snow and road debris.
  • Lift cylinder is located behind the tower beam for greater protection.
  • The modular tower attachment brackets provide simple removal to allow for service or off-season weight savings.
  • If the truck is fitted out with a Power Tilt hitch, this tower will tilt forward with the hitch for ease of truck servicing.
  • The HCC tower provides 36″ or 72″ of vertical wing lift. This system normally incorporates our safety trip dee for full moldboard trip action.
Model Rear Travel Front Travel Wing Tip Wing Arm Length
ACC36/HCC36/NT/68 36″ 36″ Fixed “D” 68″ Long
ACC36/HCC36/ST/68 36″ 36″ Safety “D” 68″ Long
ACC54/HCC72/NT/68 54″ 72″ Fixed “D” 68″ Long
ACC54/HCC72/ST/68 54″ 72″ Safety “D” 68″ Long

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