ACPF Series

Municipal and Highway Snow Plow Wings and Wing Systems

ACPF Series


  • The ACPF Patrol cable system is modular for easy installation and removal, and is designed for severe duty applications.
  • The HCC front tower features a low profile design. This tower design provides adequate wing lift without vertical extensions above the tower structure.
  • Open tower design is self-cleaning easily shedding snow and road debris.
  • Lift cylinder is located behind the tower beam for greater protection.
  • The modular tower attachment brackets provide simple removal to allow for service or off-season weight savings.
  • Incorporates a safety trip dee for full moldboard trip action.
  • The low profile ACPF patrol rear module minimizes the mounting area required behind the truck cab for installation and incorporates a hydraulic cylinder to raise and lower the rear of the wing moldboard.
  • The upper wing arm features a tension spring to assist the tripping action.
  • The lower wing arm features a compression spring to absorb forces from wing
Model Front Travel Wing Tip Wing Arm Length
ACPF/HCC36/ST/62 36″ Safety “D” 62″ Long
ACPF/ACP36/ST/62 36″ Safety “D” 62″ Long

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