Municipal and Highway Hitches



  • Tilt kit allows the hitch to tilt forward from the base pin ear location to accommodate forward tilting truck cabs and engine hoods.
  • Chain hooks for securing female section to plow pushframe supplied.
  • One man operation from cab (if used with reversible plow, plow reverse hoses need to be manually connected).
  • All hydraulic rapid coupling system.
  • Male section lift cylinder 4” bore by 12” stroke double acting nitrided cylinder with 2-1/2” double acting locking cylinder.
  • 5/8” heavy duty cheek plate kit with 5/8” bumper plate ensure good load transfer and carrying for heavy duty use.
  • Hidden locking cylinder secures pin ears in place.
  • No pins to wrestle.
  • Approach guides help the driver line up the male and female section during coupling.
  • Withstands heavy duty, continuous plowing service.
  • Female portion can be mounted on most plow push frames produced by major plow manufacturers.

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